Beloved Daughter

Your beauty shines like a flower blooming
Your radiant smiles matches your hair – gleaming
You are such a warm encouragement, dear
A gift that brings memories of my youth

But, oh, the sorrow, your eyes tell me so
I wish I could bear your extant torment
I wish it would be possible to give
What could purge the troubles – and make you beam

I cannot bear the gloom that surrounds you
It breaks my heart that it looms around you
Let God give me all that – that makes you sad
Let God give me all that – that takes your smile

My dearest, take my hand and feel the love
I wish it would be enough to give you
And bring your smiles back, and the laughter,
And the glimmer, beloved, in your eyes

Your beauty shines like a flower blooming
You are a dew drop from the cold evening
That illumines the morning, inspiring
But, beloved, your smile, what joy it brings!


It is as if…

I am no superwoman with superpowers
I am ordinary, like you, like them, like her,
I am not super, I am just secondary
Life’s bullets permeate my emotional shield,

too… and they harm…

Sometimes they sap my strength leaving not a trace
They give rise to misgivings creating a vacuum
And, too, I am as vulnerable as a wretch
Life’s unwarranted bias drowns the inner me

sure they do…

How could it be that I can glide amidst turmoil
It is as if I am superwoman but I
Am not superwoman, more a wondering soul
Trapped in this vacuum, unfeeling, helpless, feeble

’tis true, but untrue, too,

That I am trapped, because this is what I wanted
To feel super power, to be extra strong
Invulnerable, callous, unmindful, and cold
More like a zombie, it is as if I can’t feel

It is as if I could care less


All of a sudden
The emptiness of such life
Surfaced, and broken
Tears trail off, beaten

Where is ageless youth,
the strength that it carries out?
Where is beauty and ardor,
the glory of life?

Will love cease to end
Without the zest and the zing?
What is substance born
from this life’s emptiness?

Words failed to speak
The hatred from verve and void
Entwined deep within
Wanting to loudly scream

It felt cold and numb
Perhaps from the night’s chill, oh no
The hug felt bitter,
distant, all of a sudden.

Making love, as wonderful as it seems
Makes the coitus painful afterwards
Then wish that it is lovelier next time around
And not to pain you with apprehension

Warm fluids excreted from the sweetest
Acts of love that animates the senses
It brings the ‘you and me’ all together
Two souls that speak the same language

The aching bliss drowns me, enveloping
My faculties work en masse to the heights
Glorious bursts of ecstasy they produce
Sending us both to exhaustion

How I adore how we exchange ourselves
And share them with each other entirely
They fascinate me each time we make love
Warm, wonderful and aching, every time.

A moron or an imbecile?

O, pathetic fool
Hollow be thy head
A vacuum with naught –
How do you use it?

O, bigmouth dupe
Ah, when will you learn?

You cringe, and you cry
Without sanity
Bellowing with might
Yet with no meaning

How can you be such
A fool not to grasp
The reason beyond
Each syllabic sound?

Brainless fool, that’s why
a senseless moron –
tell me then and how
you’ll teach right from wrong.

O pathethic fool!

The Reason I Lied

… is because it is not right, and unfair
to go on thinking
this is just fine
Because it is not, and you know it well.

… is because I can go on though wounded
and even savaged
torn into pieces
Yet I cling to the shred that was left.

… is because I know you can live with it
without me around
with many choices
Simply forgetting I ever happened.

… is for people to be happy ever
to breathe with laughter
oblivious to pain
Then I’ll be happy, too, because they are.

This is about a man and a woman who met each other in the company they both worked for. As time went by, they fell in love, or fell into the trap of forbidden love. The man was already married and with two kids. The woman was confronted one time along the highway with the wife. The wife saw them while everybody was waiting for the green light. She was in the other car. Though scandalized, the woman didn’t fight back and received all the insults hurled at her. After a few months, she broke up with the man, going with a much younger man. She told him she does not love him anymore.

Thirty Calendar Years

Bright eyes
That wonder what the world is like
Timid smiles that made her crazy with delight
Pampered by her love, forgetting
That the others
Came from her womb also…

Young days
That brought glory to her motherhood
Mischievous pranks that only you could render
A growing lad amidst the confusion
Perhaps ‘tis you
Alone that made her happy…

A youth that inspires her to be a mom
That made her a mother unlike the yesteryears
You grew fondly with her favors
While you are pleased
Thinking that you are a god…

It came
Adulthood that befell unexpectedly
No – you don’t want it; you don’t need it, now
You are just reveling in the madness
This is not affordable
You cannot be responsible…

Years of
Carefree living, empty or shallow
Together with your accomplice, you refute reality
Replaced it with folly, ripened
Thirty calendar days
Into more foolishness…

What now?
Do you wish to stay this way?
Abandoned, hated, ignored, and still, sorrowed
Broken heart and spirit, denied
But you cannot escape
You got to face it…